Do you know RAASM centralized lubrication systems? If the answer is negative, this is an excellent opportunity to discover them and appreciate their quality, technical characteristics and commercial advantages. First of all, what are the centralized lubrication systems? They are, in simple words, the equipment designed for the automatic lubrication of moving parts that generate friction.

To make an example more easily understandable, imagine being in your garden and having to water all the flowers and plants.
You can choose whether to perform this task in a totally manual way through the classic watering can (manual lubrication)
or use a complete manually operated irrigation system
(manual centralized lubrication) or add to the latter a system that temporizes the delivery of the water (automated centralized lubrication).

Automated centralized lubrication offers several advantages over manual lubrication, we list the main ones below:

  • improves machine performance and allows greater productivity
  • extends the average life of the machine
  • avoids expensive machine stops due to insufficient lubrication, thus also reducing repair and spare parts costs

  • the correct dosage avoids unnecessary waste of lubricant, minimizing costs and reducing the risk of environmental impact
  • allows you to adjust the right amount of lubricant point by point even after installation
  • allows the system to be implemented by using additional modular components, thus responding to the changing needs of the end customer
  • allows you to reach dangerous or difficult to reach greasing points

RAASM offers 4 different centralized lubrication systems (single line system 15, dual line 20, multi-delivery 25 and progressive 30) which cover all the possible needs of a production, mobile or industrial plant.
Heavy industry, mining, construction equipment, industrial vehicles, wind turbines and assembly lines are just some of the applications in which these systems can be installed.

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