Mimosas in bloom in the RAASM Oasis-Park

Mimosas in bloom in the RAASM Oasis-Park
Mimosas in bloom in the RAASM Oasis-Park announce the arrival of spring!
The mimosa’s scientific name, Acacia dealbata, refers to the distinctive golden yellow color of its
flowers. Dealbata means «not white».
This variety of Acacia finds its ideal habitat along the Mediterranean coasts, south of France and in
the Ligurian region, where between February and March entire landscapes are covered in
spectacular golden-yellow patches, such as the one that lights up every year in the RAASM Oasis-Park.
Mimosa isn’t native to Europe. It was imported from Australia in the late 18th century by Sir Joseph
Banks, the English naturalist who accompanied explorer James Cook on his voyage to discover the
Australian continent.
Although it may seem fragile and sensitive, it is actually a hardy plant, capable of taking root even in
difficult soils. Its cultivation mobilizes hundreds of farmers in the French Riviera and Liguria, from
where millions of bunches are sent around the world each year on March 8.
Best wishes to all women from RAASM!