What does it mean to be quality oriented?

For RAASM, quality is offering our customers a wide range or technologically advanced, strong, long lasting, high performance equipment. A level of quality that can only be achieved by tending to even the smallest of details.

A strong corporate belief and commitment, certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 international standards, which translates into concrete actions aimed at constantly improving all business processes, as well as the protection and enhancement of the environment.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 45001:2018

ISO 45001:2018




  • Analysis of specific market needs and requirements
  • Xion of best treatment for each product family
  • Use of modern, latest-generation software
  • Cutting-edge prototyping to test the correct functionality and assembly of future projects and products
  • Continuous testing of products already on the market
  • Maximum attention paid to operator, product and environmental safety
  • Highly specialised and very experienced team
  • Products designed to allow for easy maintenance, also on-site
  • The modularity of the items has been designed to be exploitable in any work environment
  • Meet all applicable compliance obligations for environmental management systems and products, including the specific requirements of each market (The Machinery Directive, Atex, Ped, Mid, etc.)
  • Developed not only with an industrial design, but also with a focus on aesthetic and artistic form


  • We choose to work only with Italian suppliers that are, as close as possible to our headquarters
  • Use only suppliers that certify the quality of their components and outsource only to our long-standing partners who follow the methods and quality standards dictated by RAASM
  • All suppliers use machinery and equipment dedicated to the production of RAASM products
Controllo qualità


  • Use of only highly technological tools
  • Controls monitored and managed by computerised means
  • Privileged communication channel with after-sales and R&D


  • Assembly islands with dedicated micro-warehouses for each product family
  • Modern, customised equipment to ensure continuous quality
  • Trained, specialised operators for each specific product family
  • The product is ready to use when it comes off the assembly line, to assist the end user
  • Strict monitoring of the aesthetic and functionality of the product being assembled
  • Use of specific machines, designed in-house, to increase the level of quality


  • Testing during each phase of pre-assembly
  • Final testing of all articles
  • Testing of all critical assemblies
  • Quality control on all articles arriving from suppliers
  • The suppliers, in turn, guarantee the quality control of any suppliers and third parties
  • Periodic tests in order to maintain the high quality standards
  • Tests carried out after any repairs handled at the factory
  • Continual updating of standards


  • Use of treated euro pallets
  • Accessories and components packed separately
  • Instruction manuals and brochures supplied in each package
  • Packaging that is highly resistant to impact for worldwide exportation
  • Packaging tested against drops from different heights
  • DoubleXtriple-wave cardboard boxesXwooden crates for large articles
  • Easy to handle thanks to handles in the card
  • Pallet protected with moisture-resistant cellophane
  • All materials are 100% recyclable
  • Cardboard boxes closed with strapping to improve package compactness




  • Meet the needs of our customers, exceeding their expectations with targeted and functional solutions
  • Nurture relationships with customers and stakeholders, giving them our full attention and ensuring transparency, flexibility and availability
  • Pre/post-sales support directly from one of our operators
  • One of our specialised technicians is available to provide support by phone
  • Possibility to carry out technical/sales training at the company, at homeXvia Skype™
  • 5-year guarantee on all articles with the exception of electric/electronic components
Servizi online


  • Facebook channel for those who want to discover the social side of the company, with many images, videos and curiosity about the RAASM world
  • LinkedIn channel for those who want to approach RAASM
  • Twitter channel with frequent updates and possibility of interaction with the company
  • YouTube channel with video tutorials
  • WhatsApp Business channel for direct assistance with our sales/technical dept.
  • WeChat channel for direct assistance with our sales/technical dept.
  • Telegram channel to receive commercial updates and dedicated company number for technical-commercial assistance
  • Possibility to send product images, designs, 3D designs, etc.
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) available on the site
  • Free download of promotional and technical documentation from the site
  • Sending of Newsletters to provide updates on the latest news
Servizi tecnici e marketing


  • Specific functional tests can be requested
  • The R&D office is always available to evaluateXdiscuss new projects and/or modifications
  • Specialist operations carried out by our technicians at dealershipsXend users’ sites
  • Support for the implementation of Tenders and trade shows, events and open-houses
  • Preparation and customisation of ad-hoc promotional material
  • Guided company tours
  • Prompt sending of free promotional material


  • Foster the professional growth of every employee to strengthen individual skills and the company’s organisational structure
  • Wide and valuable company park open to employees and customers
  • Raise awareness about the importance of actively respecting the environment and protecting and fostering the biodiversity and the ecosystems within the corporate park
  • An impressive showroom for the presentation of new articles and customer visits
  • Training rooms equipped for meetings and appointments with customers
  • A stimulating working environment, also thanks to a focus on culture, with permanent exhibitions of historic and natural objects and rarities
  • Make it our goal to recover and reuse materials and save energy
  • Company canteen for employees
  • Periodic cultural outings and progress meetings with staff
  • Ensuring safe and healthy working conditions
  • Ensuring active involvement of all staff


Nature; environmental and cultural responsibility have always been important priorities at RAASM. In our 45 years of history, we have fostered ethical behaviour, supporting the long-term creation of a vast corporate park, over 100,000 m2, inhabited by various animals and hundreds of plant species, some of them protected. Furthermore, we have organised and promoted highly important historical and cultural activities.



Our actions don’t stop there, however, but are ongoing, resulting in a series of behaviours which allowed us to become ISO 14001:2015 certified in 2019. Below, is a list of some of our actual commitments aimed at environmental protection and sustainability.

  • Optimising separate waste collection, with the goal of immediately reducing the use of plastics and non-recyclable materials
  • Optimising drinking water consumption by installing water fountains in the offices for the use of all personnel and distributing reusable water bottles to eliminate plastic bottles
  • Raising internal awareness about responsible consumption in association with lighting and heating fixtures
  • Building training and awareness courses for personnel in order to spread the company’s good sustainability standards and put them into practice