New RAASM pressure sprayers with fixing brackets

New RAASM pressure sprayers with fixing brackets
RAASM's historic range of pressure sprayers is enriched with new painted steel models with fixing brackets.
Intended for the spraying of lubricating oils and release agents, they are especially aimed at construction vehicles to be installed directly on the truck.
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Two versions available, 16-liter or 24-liter, operating without the need for continuous connection to the compressed air supply, with a simple precharge of the tank to 6 or 8 bar. Filled to ¾ capacity, the pressure sprayer delivers fluid through a nozzle-equipped lance.
They are provided with a pressure gauge and level indicator to ensure control of the pressure and amount of fluid in the tank.
And with the locking system built into the anti-backflow funnel, the lance will always be fixed in its housing, protected from shocks due to vibration from the moving vehicle.
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