Discover the 5000 RAASM products 100% Made in Italy

Discover the 5000 RAASM products 100% Made in Italy

RAASM products are born from the careful selection of materials and constant technological research.

Through continuous cooperation between company and customer, we guarantee high product quality and highly specialized manufactured goods that can respond with flexibility and openness to market needs.

The range offers more than 5,000 items for fluid management and electricity distribution, made with advanced mechanical, hydraulic and electronic technologies.
Their application embraces the most varied professions and the broadest realities of the socioeconomic world, spanning different cultures and reaching geographical locations on planetary scale.
Sectors of use range from automotive to food, from chemistry to mining, up to agriculture.
But also boating, steel mills, construction, printing, textiles, tanning, cleaning, aviation, and many others, such as civil defense and environmental protection activities.

The great success of RAASM products is only possible thanks to the strength of collective intellect. And this success makes all its players proud, from customers to corporate staff.