The botanical transformation of the RAASM Oasis-Park

The botanical transformation of the RAASM Oasis-Park

"Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed."

This principle, which we owe to the father of modern chemistry, also inspires the botanical life of the RAASM Oasis-Park.
The arboreal heritage has been reorganized with scientific criteria and the park is going through a real botanical transformation.

Plants have been diversified within the green area according to their family and gender.
So a great deal of work was done to transplant the trees, which were moved from one area to another.

In the map you will find an example of the main botanical families and genus within the RAASM Oasis-Park.

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The renovation work required a great deal of energy.
Quite an effort, indeed!
Surely the illustrious botanist Alphonse de Candolle, who in the 19th century defined the international standards for plant classification still in use today, would have been proud.