The quality of our company is also measured in terms of the attention provided to all the spare parts: cyclical maintenance of our equipment is highly recommended in order to retain the high quality and safety standards over time. The spare parts that we provide are easy to understand and clearly illustrate all of the recommended spares kits available for purchase. To facilitate selection of the correct spare part, use the quick code search field or contact our offices.



By accessing this section, you can consult and download the general RAASM price list as well as some specific lists. Our price lists do not simply provide the costs, but are a real work tool, with photographs, data and specific information. In addition, they are created in order to be subdivided by family for those interested in only one section of the document, facilitating the reading and sharing of it.



FAQ, or “Frequently Asked Questions”, is the dedicated on-line support section. Divided by product family, the FAQs are ideal for those looking for a quick solution to a problem or possible malfunction. With over forty years of experience, RAASM has gathered a wide range of cases that certainly includes the most frequently asked doubts and issues. We always advise you to look in this section... The solution may well be just a click away.