SINCE 1975

Realizzazioni Artigiane Articoli Speciali Meccanici” (artisan products special mechanical items) – RAASM– is the definition that founder Giovanni Menon, now Managing Director, bestowed on the company in 1975, with the aim of producing equipment for the automotive market that would boast the effectiveness of artisan processing and the care of an art work. Already in the 80s though, RAASM started to develop fluid management equipment, its current core business and a vocation well described by the pay-off: “ADVANCED FLUID MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS”.

Working with RAASM means sharing those fundamental points that have carried us forward for more than 40 years: creating high-quality, long-lasting products and valuing the relationship with the customer thanks to reciprocal listening and respect.

Discover RAASM through the videos alongside: at the top the history, development and innovation that RAASM has been carrying out since 1975 while at the bottom the wonderful green frame in which the company operates, an area of 120.000 m2 with many protected species of animals and plants.

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The quality of a brand is the combination of its use of cutting-edge technology, certified performance and design that aims to continually meet market demands. But for RAASM quality it also means privileging listening, closeness and availability with internal and external customers and collaborators. It is in this way that RAASM has become an international reference point in terms of its fluid management technologies. Our technicians and engineers are at the heart of the innovation, the DNA of our company, the forge where new ideas come to life and are transformed into high-quality products.


Our mission is to be an international leader in the field of fluid management, offering a wide range of technologically advanced equipment and striving to achieve the best possible quality by paying close attention to every detail. All this, while adopting, with determination and confidence, a sustainability and environmental protection policy regarding both our industrial production and management of the related services.

our values


production cycle
RAASM is in constant contact with its customers in order to improve the effectiveness of the service offered.
The research and design of new cutting-edge solutions is the starting point for the entire production cycle.
A modern testing room allows for every product to be tested in terms of its quality before it goes on the market.
The quality of welding is ensured by robotised technology combined with a customised welding programme.
Painting is carried out to ensure products are resistant to atmospheric agents and impacts, even in very aggressive environments.
The turnery is composed of latest-generation machinery that allows for very complex processing.
Efficient assembly lines, arranged according to the latest quality standards, complete with eco-sustainable packaging systems.
A vertically developed automated warehouse, controlled by software to ensure speed and flexibility.
The quality and design departments collaborate to verify final products using extremely precise instrument.


The RAASM story dates all the way back to 1975, when entrepreneur Giovanni Menon created a company for the production of “artisan-produced technical mechanical items” (RAASM, Realizzazioni Artigiane Articoli Speciali Meccanici). In a short space of time, RAASM went from being a small artisan company to a main player in the industry, becoming a leader in the development of equipment for the management and handling of fluids.

In 2015, RAASM celebrated an important milestone: 40 years of business. This was a period in which the company has stood out for the quality, innovation, technical and commercial reliability of its services and products. Quality, innovation and support: three fundamental points without which RAASM would not have come this far.

Discover all of the milestones our company has reached since 1975 and become part of the extended RAASM family.


The company continues to grow and 1983 sees the birth of the product that, over the years, will become one of the reference points for the RAASM market: hose reels


The logistical and structural expansion of RAASM continues in 2000


RAASM (Realizzazioni Artigiane Articoli Speciali Meccanici) was founded by Mr. Giovanni Menon in S. Zeno di Cassola, in the province of Vicenza, Italy


RAASM begins organising dedicated hot air balloon and flying meets, and that’s not all as, in 1990, the first Montegrappa International Flying Meeting is hosted


RAASM crosses the Atlantic to found RAASM USA