The new RAASM website

Being an authoritative point of reference for the market means knowing how to respond to all its needs, whether those are the needs of a trusted distributor, of a new retail outlet or a client on the other side of the world. Today more than ever, it is vital to be close to those who want your services.

This is the objective RAASM S.p.A di S. Zeno di Cassola, in Vicenza, Italy set for itself with the redesign of its website The new website has a completely redesigned homepage, which has been divided into 3 macro areas, welcoming visitors and clearly guiding them to the main sections.


First of all, there is the "Support" section which includes "Search Products", technical-commercial documentation and an area to request information. In 2 clicks it is possible to quickly access the download and product consultation pages which have also been redesigned graphically and for ease of use.

"Corporate Identity"

Corporate Identity includes company information covering its history and the vision "100% Made in Italy" to be elaborated on further in the sections "RAASM" and "Quality".


Finally, learning how to use RAASM products will be more intuitive and inquisitive using the pages "Fields of application" which has been divided into 12 macro families.

The new RAASM website will be an efficient tool for work and communication for everyone, every day, in every country. A portal which will be enriched and updated continuously in order to maintain the quality standards the Italian company is known for in its products as well as its digital and IT tools.

"RAASMade in Italy", stronger together

Friday 20 October saw the national "RAASMade in Italy" 2017 meeting take place at the RAASM di S. Zeno di Cassola headquarters in Vicenza. It was an engaging day of intense activities which helped us spread and illustrate our production philosophy and reinforce the links RAASM has within its home market in Italy.

We were pleasantly taken aback by the interactions and the interest shown during the day and the event serves as a starting point, which will no doubt be repeated, in order to continue being the main driver of a sincere, transparent and innovative dialogue between all parties.

Below you can download two PDF documents with the technical updates and new marketing tools available to you, for anything else, get in touch!