RAASM's new friends: a thousand of cattle egret birds

San Zeno di Cassola,
the wide park with dozens of naturalistic and faunistic species of RAASM SpA has been the host of a singular event, the one of migrating a thousand cattle egret birds, in Latin "Bubulcus ibis".
A unique event that confirms the presence of this bird in the Veneto territory, already reported in 2016 in a colony albeit smaller in size, of about 400 individuals in the venetian area of Chioggia.
This small bird, threatened by the growth of urban areas, has found RAASM park an opportunity to nest, so much so that it has built several nest and has created real colonies, right near one of the two lakes present in the park.
In short, a show not every day, also considering classification as a protected species under the law 157/92.


That is the news on the RAASM website concerning the cattle egret birds.


A small video has also been released on the corporate YouTube channel "RAASM S.p.A." in the section called "RAASM Culture".


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